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Green, White & YOU is currently seeking applicants!

Our goal is to enhance the culture of philanthropy on campus so that students may continue to champion Stetson University as young alumni and into the future. By educating and engaging current students from their freshman through senior years, we will instill in our graduates a better understanding of the importance and impact of giving back to the university. By developing this culture, we hope to increase student and young alumni giving to Stetson University, as well as overall alumni giving over the long term.

As a member of GW&YOU, you will organize events, campaigns, and other efforts throughout the year that help celebrate philanthropy at Stetson University and you will help educate other students about the importance of giving back. Green, White & YOU fosters a lasting awareness of and appreciation for philanthropy, helping you build your skills as better communicators, fundraisers, and leaders. Members are given mentorship opportunities along with opportunities to begin building their network with Stetson alumni.

Are you intending to use your experience in Green, White & YOU to fulfill the Experiential Learning Requirement of the Business School?
Have you ever been brought before a university-sanctioned council for disciplinary reasons?
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